November 18th 2017 - A quick note

By now, most members have received at least their initial investment back.  If you have friends and family in your downline, you are probably close to already doubling your initial investment.  A few of you have already doubled your investment and have renewed your contract.  Congratulations!  We want all of you to prosper.

October 28th 2017 - Member count

Congratulations!  We have reached 300 invested members.  Please continue to tell your friends and family of the excellent opportunity we have here.  We are extremely happy to help make all of you financially independent.

October 12th 2017 - Website load time

We are aware of the speed in which the website has been loading.  Our programmers are working on fixing the issue.  It should be resolved within the hour.  Thank you for your continued support.

September 29th 2017 - A new milestone

Congratulations!  We have reached 200 members already.  Keep up the good work.  Bitcoin will be at $10,000 by the end of the year.

September 22, 2017 - Payout issue last night.

We are aware of the payout issue last night, we are in the process of resolving this and everyone will be paid shortly.

September 17th 2017 - Live now!

Thank you for your patients.  We are now live.  Please be sure to ask your sponsor for assistance if you need it during the registration process.

Grand Opening September 15th 2017

Thank you for your patience, we will be live very soon.

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